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Frequently Asked Questions


  • I want to order chocolates but I'm concerned about the hot weather melting these in transit. What can I do?

    Due to the high cost, we do not use refrigerated shipping. However we do offer “cooler boxes” with reusable ice packs for shipping to locations where extended exposure to high ambient temperatures is likely to result in melting. This is how it works; 
    • For the box to be provided for FREE, you will need to order our chocolate lines in multiples of:
      • 2 of our 5kg bulk sizes
      • 6 of our 80g boxes 
      • 12 of our 30g boxes 
      • Or a combination of the above sufficient to fill a full cooler box
    • If your order is below this minimum order size we will charge you $8 (incl. GST) to cover the cost of the cooler box, ice packs and extra freight costs (due to the weight). 

    While we collaborate with good freight partners, we do not control the whole shipping process. Therefore we ask you to use a cooler box, either free with orders of the minimum quantity (see above) or by purchasing one. We cannot accept returns due to heat exposure if no cooler box is used. We always assess local weather conditions and may hold back an order for a couple of days to avoid the risk of melting (e.g. products sitting in a courier depot over the weekend). 


    **If your package is warm to the touch when it arrives, you can place your chocolate in the fridge for 1-2 hours to help it set.**


    For further concerns regarding melted chocolate or shipping durations, please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Services team.


  • Why is there a 10% premium on single unit orders?

    To ensure efficient and accurate service, we prefer to offer customers box-sizes for the different products. The 10% premium applies to any requests for single units differing from the set box size.

    For example, 3 boxes Activated Walnuts 200g (8 per box) will not incur a premium, but ordering 3 individual units of Activated Walnuts 200g will incur a 10% extra in the price. This premium will be calculated upon checkout.

  • Why can I only order box sizes for some products?

    Some of our products come in glass jars, which can be re-used or recycled. They can be fragile items to transport individually, so keeping these units in set box packaging minimizes the chances of breakage in transit. Ordering by boxes also helps our dispatch team pack your items accurately and efficientlym so we can provide a faster turnaround for your orders.

  • Can I change an order after it has been placed?

    Once payment is succesfully submitted, the order will be finalised, and no further changes can be made. Before completing your payment, please check carefully that the order summary shows the correct items, order quantities, postal address and contact details.

  • What is the minimum wholesale order value?

    Our minimum wholesale order value is $200.00. For wholesale orders we absorb the cost of freight. There is no minimum order value for bulk orders, however note that freight is applied according to the postal address and weight of the goods.

  • Can I place an order for an item that is currently out of stock?

    We currently do not have a back-ordering system in place. Our website (www.lovingearth.net) is a good reference for updates on when products are expected to be available; alternatively you can contact our Customer Services team and we will be happy to provide further details.

  • Do I have to place an order each month?

    We do request that wholesale customers order at least once per month, with each order being a minimum of $200.00. 

  • I am having trouble logging in - help!

    The username and password issued to you are both case-sensitive.

    The format of the username is 3 letters followed by 3 numbers (XXX000). Please check that zero's and the letter 'O's are being entered as appropriate.

    The easiest way to ensure accurate entry of these is to use the copy-paste function (select the relevant text, right-click to copy, then right-click in the relevant field to paste the text). 

    If you continue to receive an error message, please contact us for further assistance. 

  • I am concerned that the product I have received is spoilt or faulty. What can I do?

    We wish for our customers to experience each product in optimum condition. If you are concerned that what you have received is not in its ideal state, please contact us as soon as possible with the relevant information using our Claim Form.

    To help us support you fully, claims will need to be reported within 14 business days of receiving the goods. 

    Please include any available details (images, best before dates, product type/size affected etc) you can provide when submitting the Claim Form to us. This will help us give you clarification, do further investigation, and where appropriate, provide either a credit or replacement for the affected goods.

  • I want assistance with my order. Who can I talk to?

    Our Customer Services team will be happy to help if you have any order or technical queries. Please give us a call on 03 9095 6250, or email us - info@lovingearth.net.