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Frequently Asked Questions


  • When can I expect my order to arrive?

    Once complete, wholesale and bulk orders are generally dispatched within 2-3 working days. Below is a guide to shipping times throughout Australia, from dispatch to delivery. Note that orders are sent with different courier companies, depending on your location and the size of the order, so shipping times may vary. 


    Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Victoria Country, Brisbane, NSW Inner, SA Country : 3-5 business days
    NSW Outer, Queensland Inner/North, Tasmania : 5-6 business days
    Perth, Queensland Outer, WA Inner : 6-7 business days
    WA Outer, NT : 7-9 business days


    NOTE: To ensure your order is processed the next business day, please complete your order before 2.30pm. Thank you.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Unfortunately we do not currently offer international shipping. We have recently experienced unprecedented demand for our products here in Australia and are trying to focus on developing the company's efficiency and sustainability before expanding internationally.

    However you are certainly welcome to get in touch, and we can record your details for when we do move into the global market.

  • How can I track my order?

    Tracking information for your order is sent to the email address provided when your order is dispatched. If you do not receive this please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to provide an update for you.

    If you need to change your email address (or any other contact details) please get in touch with us via phone or email.

  • What are your shipping rates for bulk goods?

    Freight costs are automatically calculated based on weight and destination, which you will see in your cart during checkout. These costs may periodically increase dependant on the freight carriers fees.

  • Where do you ship to in Australia?

    For bulk products, we ship goods throughout Australia. For wholesale products, we ship directly throughout Australia except to WA. If you are based in WA, wholesale enquiries can be directed to our distributor, Healthy Valley Organics (www.healthyvalleyorganics.com.au).

  • How can I change my contact details and/or delivery address?

    For any contact information or address changes please notify us via phone or email, so we can promptly update your details.

  • Do you offer refrigerated shipping?

    Due to the high cost, we do not use refrigerated shipping. However we do offer “cooler boxes” with (reusable) ice packs for shipping to locations where extended exposure to high ambient temperatures is likely to result in melting. This is how it works; 
    • For the box to be provided for FREE, you will need to order our chocolate lines in multiples of:
      • 2 of our 5kg bulk sizes
      • 6 of our 80g boxes 
      • 12 of our 30g boxes 
      • Or a combination of the above sufficient to fill a full cooler box
    • If your order is below this minimum order size we will charge you $8 (incl. GST) to cover the cost of the cooler box, ice packs and extra freight costs (due to the weight). 

    While we collaborate with good freight partners, we do not control the whole shipping process. Therefore we ask you to use a cooler box, either free with orders of the minimum quantity (see above) or by purchasing one. We cannot accept returns due to heat exposure if no cooler box is used. We always assess local weather conditions and may hold back an order for a couple of days to avoid the risk of melting (e.g. products sitting in a courier depot over the weekend). 


    **If your package is warm to the touch when it arrives, you can place your chocolate in the fridge for 1-2 hours to help it set.**


    For further concerns regarding melted chocolate or shipping durations, please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Services team.